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I can’t even hear what this dude’s saying but look at how ineffectually angry this bird is.

I’ve had days where I’ve wanted ti shriek like this at people too.
As a side note, I love that barn owls are used to often in art, and considered the most beautiful species, yet they make a noise like Satan’s chalkboard.

Sounds like the little girl getting burned alive in the Silent Hill movie.

So much for owls saying hoot :U

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m y  l i t t l e  m e r m a i d

inspired by [w] and 4x09

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More Dragonriders of Pern commissions! A beauteous queen lady this time!
Please remember this is for the use of my client only! :)
EDIT: Haha, oops. Looks like I jumped the gun a bit. Color edit as per client direction! ;D This is a tall, dark, and handsome queen, isn’t it?


More Dragonriders of Pern commissions! A beauteous queen lady this time!

Please remember this is for the use of my client only! :)

EDIT: Haha, oops. Looks like I jumped the gun a bit. Color edit as per client direction! ;D This is a tall, dark, and handsome queen, isn’t it?


More stuff that didn’t go anywhere:

  • Araya getting Chris to dramatically repeat the old code at the end of 4x05; he didn’t start following the old code, but neither did he betray Araya later.
  • Araya promising to come after Scott if he bit someone; luckily for him Chris made a deal with Araya on his behalf. 

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Smoke and Mirrors - or athena thinks she’s got it


I’m not going to call this a meta as much as a brain dump, but I THINK I’ve figured it out

The title was the big clue, smoke and mirrors DOES refer to obsidian, and it DOES refer to Tezcatlipoca (which they told us in the episode) but it also refers to sleight of hand, and that’s what the episode was. It was sleight of hand

no - thats what the whole damn season was. We were played

first things first we need to recognise that it IS a magic trick, then shoulder aside the glamourous assistant whose purpose is to distract us by flashing a little leg to reveal the magician - so we can work out how the trick is done

and the episode as a stand alone does nto do that - but the season does


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Lydia ‘I don’t care if you are a 1,000 year old demon or a Berserker I will find a way to help save my friends’ Martin.


I love Teen Wolf but I have a lot of questions that I’m hoping they will answer next season…


1. How did Lydia raise Peter from the dead? We haven’t seen this ability again and I’m curious. Could she do it with other characters?

2. Further, how did Peter trigger Lydia’s banshee ability with a bite? I’m assuming she would have become a banshee anyways. If a bite was required to trigger it, did her grandmother get bitten?

3. Where did Lydia go when she was running around naked in the woods? I don’t remember dead bodies showing up and Peter wasn’t in the woods. 

4. How are Lydia’s money issues going? They wrecked the wall of the house a few episodes ago. 

5. Why was Lydia screaming at Derek last episode? He was dying this episode but he didn’t actually die. 

6. Some characters Lydia feels as they die but others she gets major advance warning on (Allison). Is this because of the relationship?

7. Tethers. Do they play a part in anything other than the sacrifice ritual? How did she sense Stiles in the MRI? Is this because of the tether?

8. What did Stiles get Lydia for her birthday? Further, what was in the “For Lydia” note?

9. Why is Lydia suddenly 18 and older than the rest of the group? Is she still a junior?

10. How does Coach Finstock know Lydia’s mom so well?

Isaac (unlikely to be answered next season)

1. Isaac mentioned he had a brother. If Isaac comes back, are we going to see him?

2. Was DHS not notified when Isaac’s father died? Did Derek/Melissa get guardianship of him?


1. They might have mentioned it, but how did Kira get a tail before she was 100?

2. Why does Kira look just like her mom did at her age? Incredibly strong genetic traits or something more?

3. Not really Kira, but why is her mom aging now but didn’t age for so many years?

4. Why are Kira and her mother different types of Kitsunes? 

5. Even with practice, how did Kira gain skill with her sword so quickly?

Jackson (also won’t be answered next season)

1. I’m assuming they would have gone there eventually, but why did Jackson’s birth parents give him up?

2. Are there more kanimas out there?

3. Kate also didn’t become a werewolf but didn’t need a master. Why do kanimas?

4. Not about Jackson specifically.. Matt started shifting to becoming a kanima since he didn’t use his power correctly. Did Gerard start shifting as well since he abused his power?


1. Does Gerard know that Allison is dead? Or care?

2. What is he doing now?


1. We’ve heard a lot about being a True Alpha. What exactly is the scope of his abilities? Sometimes he seems more powerful than other alphas and sometimes he seems less.

2. Does Scott lose so many fights because he has only turned one person? Derek turned Boyd, Erica, and Isaac to give him more strength. The others are “pack” but do they count towards giving Scott strength?

3. Scott could feel when Erica was going to get a seizure from across the school. Was that a one time thing or does he know when others are about to be sick? Did he sense her other seizures?


1. Why did Allison receive the phone call in 3B talking about the Japenese-American Internment Camps?

2. Besides the pack, who attended Allison’s funeral?

3. Why has Allison not talked with Lydia from the great beyond? 


1. Can anyone be a “spark” or does he have a special ability?

2. The nogistune spit out a new body for Stiles. Is there anything different on the new body?

3. Stiles hallucinated at Lydia’s party that his mother’s death was his fault. Why does he believe his mother’s medical condition is his fault?


1. What is Parrish? 


1. How was Kate able to make Derek young?

2. What did Derek do after he left Beacon Hills following the fire?

3. Is there any special abilities that come with being born and not bitten?

4. Evolving?

5. If Derek was loaded, why did he live in an abandoned subway car?


1. Who is Malia’s mother?

2. Why is Malia in the same academic classes as her peers (particularly Lydia)? Does the school not do academic achievement testing? Would her teachers not be aware that she was not in school for an extended period of time?

3. The average life span of a coyote in the wild is 14 years. Malia would have been a very old coyote. Does that have any significance?

4. Does Malia have any special abilities other than what we’ve seen so far? 

5. Did Chris donate Allison’s clothes to Malia?


Too many questions to list 


Where did he go?


Who is Greenburg?



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